Bach, Boston, Urban

And so it begins… again!


My name is David Hurtado Gómez and I’m a Cellist currently residing in Cambridge, MA

Good old jolly me

Good old jolly me



Almost 3 years ago I moved to the Greater Boston Area to pursue a MM degree in Cello Performance in Cambridge, MA at a school called Longy School of Music of Bard College

This school was quite a life changing experience

“Why?”, you might ask?

I started playing the cello at a considerably late age, I was 20 years old and I just wanted to be a Cellist at a professional level.

To many people surrounding me, that was an impossible feat and I actually believed that in fact, I couldn’t achieve such goal.

When Longy took me in, I had the pleasure of working with a great teacher (shout out to Mr Terry King, mentor extraordinaire!!!) and learned about amazing methods on how to view and teach music

Among them, there was this class called Experimental Education Program* where this concept called “Teaching Artist” caught my attention

Led by Marco Granados and Judi Bose (shout out to them too!!!) I learn about the importance of engaging an audience through music performance

I felt this was my jam, for sure; this is what I wanted to do

One day on Facebook my good friend Simone Trollmo posted this link about an ongoing project in the U.S. called “Bach in the Subways” ( and how exciting would be to do such thing.

This is her, by the way!

This is her, by the way!

Having done this back in my home town as an undergrad (, I proposed to her that we should do it, Boston being a perfect place for such things, it was just reasonable that we gave it a go

The difference is that we would start a marathon that would last almost a month were we would perform in subways, parks, schools and basically ANYWHERE that they allow us to do so, with the goal of…

*drum roll*

Taking Bach to the People

Gotta love puns…

In all seriousness, what we wish to do with this cycle of performances is to show the wonderful music of Bach to the people walking by their regular days and hopefully make it a bit more special through them

Today, our journey officially started…


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