Bach, Boston, Urban

Park St is where it’s at… noise… that is…

So Simone and I agreed to meet and get to Park St for our first ever “busking” experience

We got there and luckily the performance area No. 1 (center platform of Red Line) was available so we got to it

That is one good spot, I'll tell you!

It was such a fun experience, especially dealing with the whole “train passes so close to you that blows away your ¬†music” part

People were rather receptive and we enjoyed it quite much, it was an interesting “pilot” concert

After that, we moved things upstairs to the Green Line East platform

Blurry pic is blurry...

Blurry pic is blurry…

And let me tell you… I never have experience so much noise at a public place (rock concerts aside, of course)… those trolleys are LOUD, LOUD I tell you!

Our sound was basically drowned, because hey, it was just a couple of acoustic instruments being played against train engines

We got some rounds of applause, some money and even some people saying nice comments towards our playing

Not too shabby for a first day…

2 down, many many more to go!

2 down, many many more to go!

Tomorrow: Downtown Crossing!


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