Bach, Boston, Urban

Open air is the way to go!

So today Simone and I decided to adventure at a random spot in the Boston Common

We were a little worried because we didn’t know if we actually needed a permit to perform on the streets but according to a website that provides guidance for buskers ( you don’t so we just gave it a go

It was really nice to play outside today, granted it was a beautiful beautiful day, but the Common is just so nice and we had a few people that just sat by next to us to listen and enjoyed some Bach which is exactly what this project is looking to achieve

So sunny and nice!!!

So sunny and nice!!!

After that we then went to play indoors again, this time inside the Boylston Station located right across the street of the AMC Loews theater and again: Green Line Station = interest/noisy/bit unpleasant experience

So many trains passed by (everybody who knows the Green Line knows this is quite an event) and some just stopped there forever (no surprise there) and man, those things are loud as they come, it was a huge obstacle to overcome during all of our performance yet it didn’t slowed us down and some people came all the way down to the far end of the platform to listen to us

Green  Line! Y U SO OLD!?

Green Line! Y U SO OLD!?

Everyday I come to terms with the idea that those performance spots were not chosen by a musician… yikes…

But then again, if we get only one person to stop his path for just a moment to listen, I have to call that day a success

Tomorrow we will adventure back in Cambridge, more to the north side (maybe Alewife, Davis or Porter, undecided yet)… we’ll see what this one brings!



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