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This is how it went down.

As planned (for a change), Ms. Trollmo and I made our way to the north side of the Red Line, namely Davis and Alewife Stations

These two are very interesting places to play and this is mainly for the flux of people and for the performance area location in them

Davis has the performance spot on the platform and even though it’s noisy when trains come by, it’s really nice acoustically and people were rather receptive to what we were doing

Is it here?

Is it here?

Yes! yes it is!

Yes! yes it is!

Moving on to the northernmost end of the Red Line, we arrived to Alewife looking around for our spot to get to it and we stumbled with this beauty of a performance area

We loved it here!

We loved it here!

Playing here was also very interesting because of the time we picked (4:30 pm)

This time slot is basically rush hour so it had more and more people coming in and out of the station as our performance progressed

This place was rad!

This place was rad!

We had at least 4 people completely stopping their walk to read the signs while we performed and thanking us for our performance.

Yet, the highlight of the day to us was when a mother took almost 10 minutes of her time to stand in front of us with her baby on a stroller (who by the way, had his eyes fixated completely on us) to just enjoy what we were doing

Things like this makes it worthwhile to pursue this kind of projects, for sure

That’s it for today but we’re very excited for Wednesday given that we will have our first formal performance of this repertoire at the First Baptist Church at Newton (shout-out to Rachel Kurihara, Music Director of this Church for inviting us!)

Red Line North is DOWN!

Red Line North is DOWN!

See you tomorrow, peeps!




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