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Appearances can be deceiving

So dear Simone and I went today to continue our search for the golden spot which is Harvard Square Station… again it was occupied by the guy that every time that sees me with my Cello on my back starts playing the prelude of the 1st Cello Suite by Bach on his guitar (if you don’t know which piece is this, don´t worry, you do, you just don’t know you know it, go to Youtube and you’ll see)

So we decided to take on Porter and Kendall given that they were really easy to get to

We got to Porter and well, if you’ve been there, you will know that this station is so deep underground it’s intimidating (32 meters/105ft) making it the deepest one of the MBTA system and yes, the spot to play here is riiiiiiiiight at the end of this

Dude, that's deep!

Dude, that’s deep!

This performance was great, we had even a jolly fella come up to us and thank you for our playing, ask us about the pieces we were playing and even our nationalities (I am Colombian and Simone is Swedish in case you were wondering).

Another great part is that a very nice atmosphere can be created there because when there’s no trains around you hear nothing and the acoustics are great!

After we were done there we moved to Kendall/MIT station

Now, let me rant a little bit here…

This place is right below a part of the MIT, a place that has the produced some of mankind’s greatest minds so you would think that at least some people would be appreciative of what we’re doing… you would be wrong

I don’t know if it was because it was raining outside or what but we barely had people glancing at what was happening even though the spot to play here makes you VERY visible because is RIGHT next to the access to the platform.

Also, this is the only station in ALL of the MBTA system that has a musical gizmo incorporated to it that looks like this

pretty nifty!

pretty nifty!

And sounds like this

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to say that Simone and I should be praised every second or anything like that but it is puzzling that a town that is supposed to be so keen to the artistic and intellectual as Cambridge you find a poorer response to art than at a place that somebody looks down so much like Roxbury (shout-out to the “Bury”! I love that place)

Also, the wind tunnel in this place is dreadful, at some point Simone’s stand was knocked down by it… not cool…

Anywho, tomorrow Simone and I will have our first concert of the cycle in an actual recital setting at the First Baptist Church at Newton MA, the address is 848 Beacon St at 12:30 pm in case you’re reading this and you live in the Boston area and wanna come by!

The best part of all? it’s free!

We are very excited!

Have a good night!

NOT impressed by you two...

NOT impressed by you two…


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