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Things are going very well… aww yiiiiissss!!!

So the day of our first concert in a recital venue finally arrived and because this place was in Newton, we decided to try another Green Line station (remember? those ones that I complain like crazy in the other posts)

Today, given that we were going to have this concert we just aimed at one place instead of two as usual, and that was Hynes Convention Center, and boy, did we make a good decision.

We were very happy about this! if you don’t believe me, look!

She seems happy!

She seems happy! I think…?

I look "Happired" (happy but tired as hell)

I look “Happired” (happy but tired as hell)

This place was just great in every sense: the performing spot is super well located (even though is super close to the train tracks but that was no biggie), the acoustics of the place are insanely good, and the time that we chose was a very good one, thus, the flux of people was perfect!

Told you! really really close!

Told you! really really close!

We had 3 people approaching us this time, asking us about what we were playing, how long have we been playing, etc.

In other words, the dreamed performance within the concepts of this project

After that really good experience, we moved towards the First Baptist Church at Newton for our recital that we shared with this great group called Iris Winds.

I truly enjoyed this concert, the audience was very receptive and the venue was really nice so it was basically a perfect atmosphere to be performing

For today I have a small clip of our performance! hope you enjoy it!

To finish things off for the day, I wanna tease you telling you that I received AMAZING news today that I cannot reveal yet but that are going to allow Simone and me to close this project with a bang!

I will have more on that soon, I promise!

Good night, everybody!

Hynes, you’ve been awesome!




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