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Today’s big crescendo

So, rollercoaster day today…

I met with Simone around 11 to try and get the coveted Harvard Square spot but AGAIN guitar dude beat us to it so it was time to improvise

Luckily, Simone has a very “ok, lets do it” attitude (shout-out to my partner in crime for that) and we decided to go again for Kendall but in the Northbound side

We got there and as we started setting up we weren’t prepared for what was going to happen next, that is sure…

The MBTA employee that was doing her shift at the moment all of the sudden said “No! not there! no no no!” and I asked her what she meant… she started saying that that wasn’t the designated spot and that we should go to the platform and perform there…

According to the list that I got from the Transit Realty Associates we were indeed in the right spot and it’s my understanding that if you perform in an unauthorized spot you can get your permit revoked if they wish to

As I don’t want that, of course, I tried to show her she was wrong and that that was indeed the spot but she was having none of it and just said “no, no it’s not, no it’s not”… so shout out to MBTA employee number 8331 (at least that’s what she claimed be), you are sad, bitter individual and I pity you for your unpleasant take on life

I also called the TRA people to complain about it and they said they will check up what happened and get back with me but my money is on that they won’t


As we had failed to get a 2nd spot for the day, we decided to give it a try to the Red Line section of Downtown Crossing and even though you won’t be reading this, thank you for kicking us out of Kendall you awful woman because this was one of the best (if not the best) performances we had so far

Shaky view, I know, but I kept this pic because it shows how happy we were there

Shaky view, I know, but I kept this pic because it shows how happy we were to be there

Downtown Crossing is such a melting pot, everybody just merges in this place and you get people of all ages and social statuses coming your way.



Having said that, let me tell you, it’s ALWAYS the ones that you typically expect to appreciate something like this that will ignore you *coughuppermiddleclasscough* and it’s ALWAYS the ones that you don’t see it coming that will make you feel like you are doing the absolute right thing *coughworkingclasscough*

Shame on us for thinking that

We had SO many people saying nice things to us today, from a guy that looked like Lil’ Wayne smiling at us while we played and saying “that’s really cool, man”, to a girl that came up to me and say “hey, I play the cello too and I think this is so cool”, to a couple of guys saying to Simone with a smile as she played “that’s just beautiful” (even though I wonder if they were hitting on her…)

We felt SO SO welcomed there and it was an absolute joy and a made us forget that bad experience at Kendall

Also, this might be silly but I got some tips for this and among them there was a 2 dollar bill, a bill I’ve never seen live!

Silly, I know, but I loved it!

so shiny!!!

so shiny!!!

We picked up our stuff and on our way back on the train I got a text message were we got the confirmation we were expecting to make it public so time for big news…

*drum roll*

Phase 3 of this project is gonna lead up to a final performance that it’s gonna be on July 2nd at Pickman Hall at the Longy School of Music of Bard College (Simone’s and yours truly Alma Mater) where Ms. Trollmo and I will be all spiffy looking to close this great Bach adventure, as I said before, with a bang.

More details on this performance soon, I promise

Good night to you all, friends, followers and occasional readers

Downtown Crossing, again: you are GREAT! ;)

Downtown Crossing, again: you are GREAT! 😉


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