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My last day of work of the 2013-2014 finally arrived and by God I am not who I used to be in every sense…

I’ve learned so much about teaching this year (shout out to the great J. Garvs! you are THE man!), about myself, about others.

This whole OPT path that I took, which is a visa status for immigrants that completed a degree that allows them to work for a year, has been one of my life’s best decisions

Now, having said that, because the end was here, I felt so wiped out this morning (actually, I still do now as I write this post) but our project can’t stop so I met with Simone down south at JFK Station to do our 1st performance of the day

As soon as we started playing, we knew this would be a nice spot to do our thing; less than a minute into playing people was already stopping to watch and listen and there was this BEAUTIFUL thing that happened that left me with a feel good vibe all day

Although we got a good amount of attention, there was this one guy that as soon as he arrived to the station he fixed his eyes on us and took a sit in a bench nearby and listened to our ENTIRE program. For a moment, I thought he was waiting for his train but more than 4 trains passed by going in all the possible directions at JFK and he didn’t took any of them and I can dare to say that he was sitting there just for us…

Sir, you most likely won’t be reading this, ever, but you made my day, thank you.

I didn't tell Simone that the real reason why I took this picture was that I wanted to get those focused eyes in the shot... sorry, Simone! :p

I didn’t tell Simone that the real reason why I took this picture was that I wanted to get those focused eyes in the shot… sorry, Simone! :p and again, thank you, kind sir.

After that, we left the place and we agreed on meeting late  in the evening to do another one somewhere because the afternoons are off the table. Why? because if you have read my profile here, you can assume by my personal description that the World Cup is and will be commanding my life these days and most of what I do now works around it (go ahead and judge me, I don’t care!)

Regardless, as the evening arrived I felt that I just didn’t have it in me so I agreed with Simone that instead tomorrow early in the morning we will chase the golden spot… again: Harvard Sq.

Also, as I announced yesterday, our closing concert is going to be on July 2nd at 7:30 pm in Pickman Hall at the Longy School of Music of Bard College in Cambridge, MA. Having this in mind, I created a little strategy to try and attract some of the people that see us play in the streets or the MBTA stations to this final performance and I’m really looking forward to try it and see how it works out.

Basically, I went to VistaPrint and selected the free business cards option (yes, they will give you 250 cards for free) and instead of putting any company info, I made an invitation to the concert in them.

Anyone that stops to listen to any of our performances can take one of these cards and that way they can have the chance of going to an actual classical music concert and I can only hope that many of those that take an “invitation” with them are the kind of people that don’t usually go to such events.

It looks something like this:

I know the address isn't right but don't worry, the final version is fully corrected

I know the address isn’t right but don’t worry, the final version is fully corrected

That is all for today, as always thank you for reading and more to tell tomorrow for sure!

Have a good night, friends!

Great acoustics in this place... it's a sad thing that every MBTA station doesn't have a performer at every minute of the day...

Great acoustics in this place… it’s a sad thing that every MBTA station doesn’t have a performer at every minute of the day… It should be a law, somehow…


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