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Don’t you just love kids?

One of the organizations I work at is called North End Music and Performing Arts Center ( and everyday their outreach program grows more and more while they create partnerships with schools in this neighborhood

Its executive director, Sherri Snow, asked me if I could come over and do some subbing for some K2 classes and I agreed gladly, I just love working with kids and luckily Simone was game to come over too so in a way we did our project with these group, but before that we took a chance at playing at Haymarket Station which is pretty close from NEMPAC

I gotta say one more time that the acoustics at some MBTA stations are beyond belief and Haymarket has probably one of the best ones so far, it’s just so pleasant and boomy, like a church, just perfect for Bach’s music

again, immaculate acoustics! I wish our concert was here!

Again, immaculate acoustics! I wish our concert was here!

The only downside to our performance there was that the time that we picked was at a time where there’s not enough traffic to have a big audience but as I said so before, if we get just one person to stop his/her day and listen to us perform, day is made…

And so it happened… a guy just completely stopped to listen for a little over 5 minutes and he said as he had to take off: this is great! I wish I could stay here and listen to some more… thank you for that!

We have a pretty nifty profession, eh?

After this we went to NEMPAC to meet Sherri and she took us to the Eliot School which is literally behind NEMPAC and we had so much fun with this group of kiddos, they were just so receptive and respectful!

Some playing for the kiddos!

Some playing for the kiddos!

We talked about Bach, about the cello and the violin, how they can make music together, different colors of sound and we even managed to get a couple of the kiddos to play with us

We had lots of fun plucking through "Twinkle Twinkle" together

We had lots of fun plucking through “Twinkle Twinkle” together

It was also a beautiful day today and the North End is just a lovely place so we can’t complain at all about how good it went

For now that’s it but remember that our concert is July 2nd at 7:30 pm at Longy’s Pickman Hall (27 Garden St. Cambridge MA 02138) and that it’s free so don’t hesitate to come, bring a friend and enjoy an evening of Bach with us

Have a good night, everybody!

One more down!

One more down!



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