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Get down with the sickness

So, today was a bit different mostly because thanks to Boston’s crazy weather and my ever running around, I finally got sick To top it all of, things were narrower in terms of location choices because Simone and I will be taking part on a Scandinavian concert with our friends Stefan and Hannah (shout out to them!) and our rehearsal was scheduled at 10 o’clock at Longy so as Simone suggested, Cambridge Common would be a great place to do our performance today given how close it is and let me tell you, this one was pretty self indulgent performance


I mean, look at how nice this place is

There was barely no one around in the park and even though we were basically playing for ourselves, at ssome points we still managed to get a small audience to come and see us and funny enough, there’s always a kid in the mix, they always wanna listen and they are always curious about what’s happening The downside of this concert is that the breeze that was going on was INSANE, I mean, look at her hair

She looks like she's riding a bike, right?

She looks like she’s riding a bike, right?

Sadly, due to my health condition playing for a long time wasn’t the best idea so we only played the 2 Sonatas which made it really short today but given that a lady thanked us for making the park even more pleasant I would consider our single short performance a success Not too much to say today due to the short period of time we actually performed but I will say again that if you are in Boston, you definitely should come to our performance on July 2nd at Longy’s Pickman Hall to enjoy some Bach. Remember, 27 Garden St, Cambridge MA 02138, 7:30 pm, free admission! Have a good night, folks and thanks for reading!


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