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Ok, friends, explanation/apology time…

I’ve been away for a bit more than a week but there IS a good reason…



Now, let me explain…

A week ago (last Wednesday) I was supposed to have this super busy day with a recording session, job interview, lawyer meeting for my visa application, an Opera rehearsal and of course, performing with Simone…

Yet, life has this very interesting way of flipping the table where you’re building your destiny’s puzzle and well, long story short, I had a bike accident that broke my left clavicle and unfortunately one of the extras of this incident is that playing my cello won’t be an option for me at least for the next 6-8 weeks

As you might infer, It’s been a tough week, you guys… this project that we work so hard on had to be stopped just for a stupid accident and it was painful to see it crumble

I couldn’t even get myself to write a post… but it’s only logical, I think…

After a few days of mourning, I had a long talk with Simone about what to do and we came to the conclusion that we had gone so far with this project that it would be unfair if we didn’t find a way to conclude it as we planned

In Colombia we have this saying that goes “it’s better to have friends than money”, so honoring that wise train of thought I decided to ask a friend of us if he would be interested in playing our final concert with Simone and luckily, he said yes

His name is Simon and he is one terrific Cellist, one who he was so kind and willing to take my place which was something that gave me great relief.

Naturally,  having covered the “we don’t have a cellist” issue I was able to have a more focused idea of what my role could be in this final step of the way and I decided that the least I could do was to be there and introduce the concert.

In spite of this obnoxious shoulder pain I’ve been carrying for the past week, I went there and talked about the project in front of our audience. To my surprise there were 8, yes, EIGHT people that saw our performances somewhere at an MBTA station, park or else and felt attracted enough to come to the final one!

When we started I said to myself that it would be great to get at least five people that saw us somewhere to come for the Pickman concert and well, we got 3 more than what I aimed for so as Kermit puts it

Yay indeed, Kermit…

After I introduced the concert I took my seat and I couldn’t help myself being filled with the nostalgia of not being able to play those notes one last time before Simone and I part ways (she leaves the US for good in a week which is really sad)

Safe to say, I looked a bit sappy through the whole thing…

Don't I?

Didn’t I?

But anyway…

The duo of Simon and Simone (no joke intended) were set to do the final performance of this journey and boy they did a great job at Pickman

My point of view during the performance

My point of view during the performance

I think everybody present at this concert had a good time but I’m sure not as much as me. It was tremendously rewarding to see the culmination of a project unveil the right way, even though we had this major bump down our path.

In conclusion, I wanna come out and say that if you are a musician, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to take your music to people out there, everywhere, in any way you find suiting to reach out for those uncharted audiences.

You will be surprised how much they will want to listen

We would like to thank Longy and our teachers for the support given to us in this journey, it was indeed priceless

Thanks to Simon for his kindness to step up and cover for me and allowing this to have the proper ending. I’m in big debt to you, my friend

Of course, I have to give the biggest thank you to my partner in crime, Simone.

Thank you for being such a trooper and basically have no buts when we made this crazy initiative take place

You were always up for anything… You’re simply the best, “Dani”!

Last but not least, thank YOU, kind reader for following us in these adventures, even if you did so for a little bit… it was so nice to find out that this blog was being read up to 60 times a day in some cases

I wish you the best and know that if you have any questions for me or Simone, you can always contact us at, we will be more than happy to answer them if we can

Take good care, y’all!

See you somewhere down the road!

See you somewhere down the road!


Bach, Boston, Urban

Open air is the way to go: “Part Deux”

If you live in Boston, you would know that today, Sunday June 15th we had a BEAUTIFUL sunny day with clear blue skies so when Simone and I met I couldn’t resist asking if she would like us to do our performances today in the street instead of the subway and I’m glad she agreed

Our first objective was the ever pleasant Boston Common

When we got there we found a great spot right under a tree, not too shady, not too sunny and with a lot of pedestrian traffic.

Do we look happy?

Do we look happy?

Yes, we do!

Yes, we do!

Probably today was the day we have gotten the most attention of our entire project, we had a cellist asking us about our project and telling us how he also plays the inventions sometimes with his daughter who is an oboist, a family of tourists (that I’m pretty sure were Colombian but silly me didn’t dare to ask) and finally, there was this guy with a camera taking pictures of us so when he was going away I asked him if he could send me one of the pics he took of us, to which he replied: sure! do you want me to take some extra ones for you guys?

Uhm… let me think: YEAH!

Meet Daniel Koenig, photographer/videographer extraordinaire (if you like his work, contact him at

Meet Daniel Koenig, photographer/videographer extraordinaire (if you like his work and would like to hire him, contact him at

Here’s a link to Daniel’s complete “photo session” of us (click on the photo to see the whole set):

And here’s the video he recorded of us (make sure to set it up in 1080p HD so you can watch it in all its glory!)

All in all, Boston Common was great!

After that we moved to a place I’ve been wanting to play ever since we started this but was sort of intimidated by it, but having in mind that we already had been kicked out of a station I thought that it wouldn’t be the worst if they kick us out of a park so Copley Square, here we go

Copley is just a beautiful place and with this great day, it was only better so we just needed a perfect spot…

How about... here?

How about… here?

Luckily we didn’t get kicked out or arrested and we even got one of the nicest compliments here: “such a beautiful music… it goes along so well with this beautiful day… thank you!”

Day objective: achieved

That background suits us nicely!

That background suits us nicely!

For now that’s all the day recap we have and we’re very excited because tomorrow aside from performing in the morning at Haymarket station (10 am, if you are around, come by), we will go to the Eliot School in the North End to do a class with a K-2 group and we’re very excited because working with kids is the best!

You don’t believe me?

Ok, let me convince you with a story… today after we were done playing, a kid came up to us and the following conversation ensued:

Kid: do you guys do magic also?

We: sorry, no, we don’t

Kid: oh, it’s a shame, that would be awesome, imagine if you played and do magic everybody would throw 10 dollars bills at you like crazy!

The kid’s gotta point, doesn’t he?

Good night friends and remember: July 2nd, 7:30 pm, Pickman Hall at the Longy School of Music of Bard College (27 Garden St. Cambridge MA 02138) FREE admission!

Come one, come all!

Bach, Boston, Urban

Open air is the way to go!

So today Simone and I decided to adventure at a random spot in the Boston Common

We were a little worried because we didn’t know if we actually needed a permit to perform on the streets but according to a website that provides guidance for buskers ( you don’t so we just gave it a go

It was really nice to play outside today, granted it was a beautiful beautiful day, but the Common is just so nice and we had a few people that just sat by next to us to listen and enjoyed some Bach which is exactly what this project is looking to achieve

So sunny and nice!!!

So sunny and nice!!!

After that we then went to play indoors again, this time inside the Boylston Station located right across the street of the AMC Loews theater and again: Green Line Station = interest/noisy/bit unpleasant experience

So many trains passed by (everybody who knows the Green Line knows this is quite an event) and some just stopped there forever (no surprise there) and man, those things are loud as they come, it was a huge obstacle to overcome during all of our performance yet it didn’t slowed us down and some people came all the way down to the far end of the platform to listen to us

Green  Line! Y U SO OLD!?

Green Line! Y U SO OLD!?

Everyday I come to terms with the idea that those performance spots were not chosen by a musician… yikes…

But then again, if we get only one person to stop his path for just a moment to listen, I have to call that day a success

Tomorrow we will adventure back in Cambridge, more to the north side (maybe Alewife, Davis or Porter, undecided yet)… we’ll see what this one brings!