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Here, where it all started…

The title of today’s post is pretty easy to explain

Right after we started this marathon, I asked Simone if we could do at some point one of our performances at Josiah Quincy Elementary School which is where I got my very first job in the States as a teacher

Today we got the chance to do it and it felt so right

Let me tell you a bit about Josiah… it’s a school located right in the heart of Chinatown and its principal, Simon Ho, is just about the greatest guy you can have leading a school; he’s committed, easy to work with, he’s never an authoritarian and he respects the job that we are doing at the Orchestra Program we have there (go here for more info about that program

Then there’s Marlee Mcdonald, the boss! She is just out of this world and I have learned a lot from seeing her managing skills, just flawless. Now, I don’t say this because I wanna be a boot kisser or anything but because my first day on the job she did the nicest thing: she came up to me, gave a hug and said “I’m so happy we can have you here”. That speaks volumes about how healthy of a family we have at Josiah.

But I’m getting carried away

So we set up for performing and as I told you, I got free business cards to use as invitations for our concert on July 2nd and we just put them on a stand in front of us with a sign that said “Please take one!”

Ready for our experiment...

Ready for our experiment…

I have to say I didn’t think it through this time…

So it begins...

So it begins…

Let me explain… The doors of this school open at 9:15 and the kids come into the building with their parents as a sea of people and well, I didn’t calculate that the kids could also be interested in taking the cards which to my way of seeing things, won’t be useful at all for them (I hope I’m wrong)

And well… they took a LOT of them but at least so did some parents so crossing fingers some of them come!

The funniest/saddest part of this experiment is that some adults took a card, read it and then they put it back in the card holder…


Nonetheless, as Simone said we got to play for these lovely kids and well, see for yourself!

Hi! do you like what you see!?

Hi! do you like what you see!? (by the way, this girl was mesmerized by Simone’s playing!)

Some of them were really really into this!

Some of them were really really into this!

In particular, I was very impressed by the level of attention given to us by a kid that unfortunately you cannot see in this picture but he was just standing in front of us the whole time really into it… this was such a rewarding moment!

I wish I had a third arm so I could have taken a picture of him while I was playing!

But anyway, it is safe to say that I really hope some people that was there shows up at Pickman on the 2nd

For now that’s all folks!

Tomorrow we will invade probably the most transited station in all Boston along with South Station: North Station and we’ll see how our experiment (cards included) actually works in the streets!

And remember, if you’re in Boston around that time, come on July 2nd at 7:30 to Pickman Hall for our closing concert! 27 Garden St, Cambridge MA 02138! FREE Admission

ALSO, if you are not in Boston or can’t come, you can check the concert through Livestream at

Thank you so much for reading and have a good night, folks!